Custom Server Solutions

We can build nearly any type of custom server solution you may need such as File Servers, Web Servers, E-Mail Servers, SQL Database Servers, Storage Servers and more including Virtual Servers (a technology where you can run multiple servers within a single server which gives many benefits including saving costs).

Benefits of our Server Solutions

  • Reliability - High-quality components and redundancy for 24hr operation.
  • Performance - High speed Processors, memory, storage systems and more to handle all of your work fast.
  • File & Data Storage - Store all of your users data, documents, etc.
  • E-mail/Groupware system - E-mail, contacts, calendar, etc. for everyone in your business.
  • Data Backups - Custom backup system to ensure that your entire server and business data is safe.
  • Security - Users can only access what they are allowed to.  Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, Anti-spam and other protection.
  • Remote Access - many options for remote user access to company data, e-mail and more.
  • Latest Software - The newest Microsoft and other Software Systems ensure the best performance, features and security.
Small Businesses

We have built a custom server solution for small businesses using our many years of experience and successful implementations with other clients.  Our solution covers everything from storing your files, e-mail, security, anti-virus and other protection, data backups and more.
Please see our brochure...   UCS Custom Small Business Server Solution Brochure

Example Server Diagrams

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