Network Solutions


We can build nearly any type of Network Solution your business may need...

  • Local Area Networks (LAN) - Wire and connect all of your office PCs, servers, internet, etc. together to share data and resources, provide central access to server(s) and more.
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN) - Do you have multiple locations or buildings that you would like connected together, no matter how far apart?  We can link them together so that everyone is all connected together on one network.
  • Internet - We can assist you with acquiring and setting up an internet service provider.  Then we can install & configure internet firewalls/routers to your network for everyone to have internet access.  Internet access can also be selectively restricted so only authorized persons or systems will have access.
  • Wireless - Setup and configure wireless networks to allow laptop users, mobile phone users and more to have roaming access.  Also, wireless can be used for longer distance applications, to connect buildings that are too far for cabling or simply to make connections where cabling would be too difficult.

We also have the ability to troubleshoot and repair networks whether it be cabling problems, network hardware, internet issues and more.

Sample Network Configuration of an Office Environment