Our PCs/Workstations are custom built to give you...

  • Business Quality & Reliability - We specifically choose every component (power supply, hard drive, etc.) based upon our many years of experience and past successes with other clients to give you an extremely reliable PC that will last you for years.
  • Performance - These PCs will be built with high-performance components to give you the best speed for your dollar.
  • Customized for your Business - We not only build high-quality PCs, we install, setup and configure all of the related operating systems and other software specifically tailored to your business, servers, networks, users, etc.  We will completely install it on-site to your systems and ensure that all of the necessary functions (logon accounts, printing, etc.) work properly for your business.  You will not have to worry about a thing from beginning to end of a PC acquisition.
  • Options - We offer nearly any option, upgrade or peripheral you may need or want: more speed, memory or storage, monitors, printers, scanners, nearly any software product (such as Microsoft Office), wireless and much more.

We can upgrade, troubleshoot and repair almost any existing PC, Workstation or system you may have.  In fact, with our extensive experience, including electronics, we can repair systems that most service businesses would give up on.

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